Friday, June 13, 2008

New Name, New State, New Blog

Well it's finally happened... I moved out of Gainesville. We moved to Pennsylvania so I could start a college tutoring company, Lion Tutors. We are currently residing in State College, PA. It's conveniently the middle of nowhere and the the middle everywhere depending on how far we feel like driving. It's nice to finally be settled in a little. The past few months have exciting, crazy, stressful, and eventful! In the past 2 and a half months I have...

Married the love of my life!

Went on an AMAZING honeymoon to St.Lucia

Sold our house in Gainesville :(

Bought a house in State College :)

LOTS of unpacking!

Saw a bunny in our backyard...

Got a new super awesome TV!

Tried on some funny hats

and of course, can't forget the pets... we got Walter/Marcus a new bed too.

I'm eager for Fall to start so I can start tutoring again! Starting a business is hard work but it's exciting. Our website is starting to come together... here's a preview...